Small meat slicing machine

Small meat slicing machine

Product Description

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1. To cut all kinds of fresh meat at once into flake. Machine, stainless steel blade for special steel manufacturing, tool set for cantilever design, easy to remove, clean, and can be fast and easy change of different specifications of the knife set.

2. Equipped with an emergency switch and safety switch, and can effectively protect the safety of the user.

3. Suitable for restaurants, supermarkets, such as processing, small processing plants, meat market use.

Model: QWS-1
Capacity: 200~300KG/h
Cutting thickness: 2.5-15 mm (not adjustable)
Process: Pork, beef, chicken, duck, vegetable, squid, lamb, ham.
Voltage: 220V or 110V single phrase(can make after order)
Power: 0.55KW
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 530 (L) * 330 (W) * 330 (H) (mm)
Weight: 35kg
Type: Small meat slicing machine

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