Sausage Knotting Machine

Sausage Knotting Machine

Product Description

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1. FXG-200 Elect Semi-automatic sausage tying machine is especially applicable to the salesrooms, laboratories, colleges, hotels and so on.
2. This machine uses the micro computer control technique which research and development independently. It works smoothly and fluently. This machine is light in weight, small in size and low in noise. It is suitable for working conditions which were not in the factory.
3. We paid much attention to the safety of the operator. During operating this machine, we can see that the personnel safety was put to the first place.10~20% of the casings can be saved.
4. The cost of casings for each ton of the products can be reduced by RMB 200 to 800 Yuan, varied with the specifications of the products.


Model: FXG-200
Capacity: about 100pc/min
Sausage Diameter:8-35mm
Range of length: 30mm-260mm
Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz(can make after order)
Power: 0.5KW
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 790x410x470mm
Weight: 49kg
Type: Sausage Knotting Machine

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