Double tube type automatic sausage filling machine

Double tube type automatic sausage filling machine

Product Description

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1 Sausage filling machine is essential equipment for processing sausage products. Can make large, medium and small bowel products of various specifications. The machine appearance beautiful, well-made, easy to operate, safe and reliable use. The machine’s hopper, valves, enema tube and the outer packing all use high quality stainless steel, under the food hygienic requirement.
2 the structure and working principle
GS – 30 B sausage filling machine mainly consists of frame, hopper, working cylinder, oil cylinder, hydraulic operating system and electrical system. Through the lever or handle (user options or manual ball valve pneumatic ball valve), control the reciprocating movement of the piston, absorption and packed material, to achieve continuous enema.


Model: GS – 30 B
Bucket capacity: 65 L
Material cylinder volume: 30 L
Enema tube diameter: 12 mm 19 mm and 22 mm to 32 mm (optional)
Voltage: 220V(can make after order)
The pump pressure: 2.5 mpa
Power: 1.5KW
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 980 x900x1590mm
Weight: 150kg
Type: Double tube type automatic sausage filler

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