Potato Chip Cutting Machine

Potato Chip Cutting Machine

Product Description

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1,Potato Chip Cutting Machine uses the stainless steel, the aluminum alloy steel structure, anti-corrosive, the intensity is high.
2,The stainless steel bit, the aluminum alloy tool rest, the service life is long.
3,The reasonable handle structure, the operation is comfortable, reduces effort.
4,The raw material time cuts together, the processing size specification is completely consistent
5,Production efficiency for above manual processing 10 times

Model: FX-582
Capacity: 1500-3000kg/hr
Voltage: 380V(can make after order)
Power: 2.25KW
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 880×770×1222mm
Weight: 200kg
Type: Vegetable Cutting Machine

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