Meat mincer machine

Meat mincer machine

Product Description

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1.The system:Unger System.

2.The motor is imported from Europe SIEMENS CE compliant.

3.Transmission:Direct drive,no belts no chain,torque.

4.Ground meat tube conveyor screw + nut + Material + mechanical surface:Sus 304.

5.Mechanical surface treatment:sandblasted matte glass processing,avoids visual fatigue caused by long.

6.Stranding mesh board:Swiss imports,Brand:Licoswiss.

7.Double-sided blade:Germany imported brands:Zico.

8.Motor overload automatic shutdown automatic reset function.

9.The three mesh boards and traditional single-pole single-pole-type mesh-type.

Product Comparison:

* Single-pole,single-grid:a cutting resistance,low if the twisted mesh board 6mm less friction usually a long time,the meat temperature rise,perishable.

* The three mesh boards pole type : mining in crude è è fine three twisted mesh cutting effort minced fine and beautiful, shortening the time the meat is not perishable.

* Double-sided knife:two-sided reamer adopt a four-sided cutting of cutting more effort than the pole-type cutting,ground meat more beautiful.

* Switch: waterproof silicone sleeve.

Model: FK-632
Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3 Ph
Power : 5.5hp
Capacity : (1)Twisted above freezing to 6mm mesh prevail 800-100kgs/hr;
(2)-7℃ to 0 ℃,with 6mm twisted mesh prevail 500-700kgs/hr.
Dimension: L800 x W500 x H1000
Weight : 100kg
Mesh Board Size: 98mm
Refrigerated Meat Cuts Size: L80 x W80 x(unlimited height or length)
Frozen Meat Cuts Size: L40 x W40 x H150
Type: Meat processing machine

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