Meat Cutting Machine

Meat Cutting Machine

Product Description

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*Can cut fresh or unfreeze meat like port, beef, mutton into piece, strip or shreds, minimum size is 2.5mm.

* Three type cutting: piece, strip, chop stainless steel construction, solid and outstanding appearance high efficiency, it’s a good choice for meat processing industry, restaurant, canteen and kitchen.

* Meat Strip Cutter is made by the present high technology. It’s easy for discharging blade.No need to use tool for discharging blade, which makes easier for cleaning and replacing blades.

* By replacing other size of blade set, cutting size can be changed. Blade is made of special stainless steel. Blade edge is smooth, strong and long-lasting, not necessary for often sharpening.

* Machine has a safety protection switch, in case of wrong operation and assures human safety.

Model: QW-5
Capacity: 250kg/h
Voltage: 380V(Three phase)(can make after order)
Power: 550*2KW
Cutting Size: 2.5-30mm(changeable)
Feeding Size: 180x90mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: L680 x W680 x H930
Net Weight: 85KG
Type: Meat Processing Machine

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