Meat Ball Machine

Meat Ball Machine

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Meat Ball Machine

1, the machine simulates artificial spoon-shaped principle of professionally designed and manufactured, the production of balls, low density, good roundness, slick and so on

2, as long as the meat mixture into the hopper, boot 2-3 minutes automatically made into meatballs, products taste delightful, delicious, flexible, white color.

3, the machine is made of stainless steel, durable, beautiful, in line with national food safety standards.

4, product weight 8-25 g/a, stuffing, production speed, can automatically adjust the maximum output of up to 200-300kg/h, equivalent to 12 to 18 workers at the same time the efficiency of hand-made.

5, the meatballs are filling many of the machine’s output, high ball roundness. While the machine is operating, ball falls directly arrange, reduce human exposure to the products, safety and health.

6, can produce a variety of flavored meatballs, pork balls, beef balls, fish balls, chicken Meatball, pork balls and so on. A variety of flavors can freely transform, which reduced production costs in the original basis.

7, automated structured, one person, two persons may be operated. Convenient disassembly,maintenance and cleaning.

Model: CYL-300
Ball diameter: 20-34mm
Capacity: 200-300/min
voltage: 220v–50Hz
Power: 750W
weight: 80kg
Dimensions : 600*380*1380mm
Packaging: wooden box

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