High speed sausage tying machine

High speed sausage tying machine

Product Description

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Thirty years ago, because of the low speed and poor accuracy, the most traditional TY(wiring) automatic sausage tying equipments were gradually replace by the twisting stuffer with clamping devices.
In 2011, with the development of FXGS-2-the High-speed Sausage Tying Machine by Fengxiang, the TY technology is renewed and revived. With the production of 200-240 links per minute and 200,000 sausage per day, this machine can rival any twisting stuffer in the world. With the casing-saving characteristic and the unique feature of automatic separation, it outweighs the twisting equipments.This machine, which incorporates aerodynamic and electronic technology, can be use together with various types of sausage filler produced at home and abroad.

Ten to twenty percent of the casings can be saved. The cost of casings for each ton of the products can be reduced by RMB 200 to 800, varied with the specifications of the products.

Model: FXGS-2
Power: 0.3-0.5MPa
Capacity: 160-240pc/min
Sausage Length Range: 5-17.5mm
Sausage Diameter: 8-35mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Meat Slicing machine

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