Frozen Meat Dicing Machine

Frozen Meat Dicing Machine

Product Description

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1. This machine is easy to wash and disassemble with no tools.
2. This machine adopts the overall driven structure, thereby enhancing the waterproof ability.
3. This machine adopts the cassette type blade box and the dicing size can be freely adjusted at 5-30mm.Application
It is suitable for school kitchens, restaurants, food processing factories and supermarkets, etc.Note
It can be connected to the related processing step like washing, peeling, cutting, drying, or packing in a whole processing line.

Model: FX-300
Dimensions: 450x1600x1150mm
Power supply: AC 380V 3 phase
Power capacity: 2kw
Cutting speed:30/min-1100/min
Cutting thickness:5-25mm
Optimum temperature:-6°C ~ 0 °C
Cutting Length: 5-70mm
Workability: 400kg/hr(10x10mm)

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