Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Product Description

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Applicable industries (such as: large and small packing pickles, meat, export packaging products, bean products, wild vegetable, condiment industry, the sea, aquatic products processing, etc.).
Which USES the chain belt moving work form, the automatic program control, to ensure that the packing speed packaging, sealing quality and continuity of unity, compared with domestic similar models, which completely eliminate the mechanical process control forms, and use a dedicated PC and step by step procedure, induction control system, has the characteristics of program automatic tracking banded. Mechanical motion accuracy is greatly improved, solve the similar type over the years the unresolved key issues of the moving and lower reliability of vacuum packaging machine, belong to domestic initiation. The machine all electric control USES the original import (France), and can match the German request.

Model: DZ-1000
Voltage: 220V/380V(can make after order)
Power: 4.5kw
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: L1900 x W1270 x H1476
Type: Packing Processing Machine

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