Automatic Sausage typing machine

Automatic Sausage typing machine

Product Description

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1. Automatic Sausage typing machine Meat processing companies often have to make strategies constantly to reduce the loss of casings. And the workers are often not very passionate because of the boredom they find in work .Maybe such problems are not caused by management, but by the wrong choice of machines.
2. With a careful design, exquisite production and the price advantage, our new machine FXZG-1,the four-line fully-automatic sausage tying machine develop in 2009, can be the most sophisticated equipment for all meat processing companies.


Compared with FXZG-1,FXZG-4 has the following advantages.
1. It can operate in a higher speed of 240-360 links per minute, which helps to increase the efficiency by 30%.
2. It can be more easily washed and maintained. A sink is added to the wring and necking parts. And below the conveyor belt there is a drawer-like device for the waste.
3. It needs less air and lower air pressure. It can operate under the pressure of 0.3Mpa. The aerodynamic components we use in this machine are all produced by the Japanese components we use in this machine are all produced by the Japanese company SMC.

So this machine can operate in a more steadily and light way, and the tying length will not be affected by the air pressure source.


Model: FXZG-4
Capacity: about 13000pc/h
Sausage Diameter:9-30mm
Range of length: 20-400mm
Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz(can make after order)
Power: 0.5KW
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Sausage Knotting Machine

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